San Marino BU 2011MET EXTRA 5 euro    

San Marino BU 2011MET EXTRA 5 euro

On the silver coin, close-up, a composition depicting the Rock of San Marino, on the background the planet Earth.
Arched, the inscription REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO. The coin is completed by the artist's name "A. MASINI".

On the reverse, close-up, a composition with Jurij Gagarin and Alan Shepard and the two spaceships Vostok 1 and Freedom 7.
On the background the planet Earth and the arched inscriptions GAGARIN and SHEPARD.
The value "5 EURO", the years 1961 • 2011, the artist's name "V. DE SETA" and the "R" symbol of the Italian Mint which was
responsible for the coinage complete the coin.

EURO 70.00

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